Dumbo Rats Testimonials

The dumbo rat community is really full of some great people! Take a look at some of the kind things other pet rat owners are saying about my newsletter and eBook!

"Hi Tom,

Your newsletter is truly amazing and inspiring. I never knew someone other than me shared the same love and passion for pet dumbo rats and had such detailed information on how to care for rats. I never even knew that a guide on pet rats actually existed until a good friend of mine sent me a link to your site. Dumbo rats truly are wonderful animals and they do make wonderful pets. Anyway, I simply wanted to thank you with all my heart for writing and posting such an awesome piece of work. I love my pet dumbo rats and your newsletter is like a Bible to me. Thanks to your expert pieces of advice, my baby Dumbo rats are in their best of health and spirits ever! A major part of their nutrition still comes from their mother’s milk but I’m starting to wean them by feeding them tiny bits and pieces of leafy greens, just like you said. I’m also very lavishly feeding my darling Greta with extra servings of protein, fat and calcium for her lactating needs. She lost quite a lot of weight after giving birth but now she’s all cute and cuddly again. She and her babies look so healthy and active, thanks to you."



It’s amazing how one human being can know so much about and care so much for creatures belonging to another species. I love my dumbo eared rats and thought I already knew everything I needed to know about them. But I realized there was so much more that I could still learn when I read your wonderfully composed and well-researched newsletter. After having read it, I somehow seem to understand my rats better than I used to. It’s quite amazing, really! I never knew caring for pet dumbo rats can be both science and art. I still have not achieved what other dumbo rat owners and rat lovers have achieved--- my cuddly pets still are not perfectly trained. But heck! I love them nevertheless. Thanks to you, I now understand that each rat is an individual—with individual food preferences and behavior—and that I should accept and love them as they are. A million thanks to you! And oh, I tried your tip on how to keep them from biting—and it worked! I never actually thought it would, but it did. Thanks to you, even my little kids can now play with them without my being worried all the time."

-Catherine Hewitt

"Dear Tom,

I have to say that your newsletter about dumbo rats is great. Thanks so much for providing what most rat owners know so little about. The first minute I started reading your newsletter I knew that you were some sort of dumbo rat guru with plenty of dumbo rat information to go around. My pet dumbo rat is now free from constant indigestion problems. I stopped feeding her with gerbil pellets and her tummy’s just fine now. I never knew that gerbil food contained alfalfa, or that alfalfa was indigestible to rats. Thank you, again, for sharing your knowledge and expertise to the rest of the pet rat-loving world." 

-Amanda King

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"Hey Tom,

Nice piece of work there, pal! I have only received a few issues but I followed your instruction and added clove and ginger to my blue dumbo rat’s diet, and his arthritis has gotten better. Hamlet would still have been suffering if it weren’t for you. I never thought I’d see him so active and playful again, just like the way he used to be when he was younger. Reading isn’t really pleasurable to me… I prefer watching tv, you know…? But what the heck! After seeing my old pal so happy and healthy again, I’m reading through the pages of your newsletter like a madman haha. I love my fur ball. He’s been with me for almost two years now and seeing him this active and healthy makes me feel all warm inside. You deserve a pat on the back, at least. Okay, maybe a quick hug even. Thanks, man!"


"Hey, Mr. Parker!

My name is Lucy Campbell. I’m nine years old. My mom says I should thank you for your newsletter… the one about our pet fancy rats. We have a family of fancy rats now, did you know? My mom says it’s because of your newsletter and all. She says if it weren’t for you, Matilda would’ve died. You see, when she was pregnant and all, she got sick and really weak… and skinny too. Then my mom started feeding her with this really green vegetable she oddly calls curly kale. She fed it to Matilda a lot too. My mom also started giving Matilda cooked beans and walnuts very often. She says Matilda’s having babies and she needs extra calcium, fat and protein. Anyways, our Matilda became all cute and plump again and we now have three cute baby rats, all thanks to you. I’m even thinking about calling one of them Tom."

Edited and posted by,
Lucy’s Mom

"Hi. Call me Rick. My girlfriend Suzie rocks dumbo rats as pets. She has a couple of them in her room and simply dotes over them more than she does on me. Anyway, I never liked critters before but her affection for the rodents seems to be infectious. She invited me to subscribe in your newsletter and I’m surprised to say I dig it. I used to hate dumbo rats, but now I just love ‘em. I never knew rats can be so clean and dignified… pet rats, that is. And they’re very loving, too. Suzie and I are now expecting babies—baby dumbo rats, that is—and we’re very excited about the whole thing. We read in your newsletter that pregnant rats should be fed with extra protein, calcium, phosphorus and fats. That’s what we’re doing right now and our little Katrina’s looking great. We took her over to the vet for a check-up and the doc said she’s mighty fine. Thanks to you."


"Hi there! I’m Alicia, mother to an adorable little girl, Precious. I’m not much for pet dumbo rats or for reading newsletters, but I simply adore my little Precious and she really loves this blue dumbo rat her daddy gave her. Anyway, Orca (her pet rat) became overweight and very sluggish. The little guy ate just about anything at any time and we so loved to see him enjoy his meals…until he could barely move anymore. I read in your newsletter the dos and don’ts in feeding pet rats-- including what to feed them, what not to feed them and  how frequent feeding must be. I also followed your tip and bought a very cool exercise mill for Orca’s cage. Now, he’s all up and ready for play again. Thanks to you, my daughter’s all smiles and playing with her Orca once more."

-Mrs. Brown

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"Hello! My name is Juanito. My pet dumbo-eared rats Azul and Lolita are in the best of health, thanks to you. I have always loved having rats for pets ever since I was a little boy, but they always seem to die on me. None of my previous pet rats have ever grew past a year under my care. I thought I had been giving them the proper care I truly meant to give them, but I was making some pretty big mistakes, apparently. Since I came across your newsletter and followed your tips on feeding, exercise and health care, Azul and Lolita are the first ones to stay with me for over a year. They have around one more year left and I’m confident that by taking your dumbo rat information guide to heart, my buddies will live a full and happy life with me. Thanks for teaching me how to care for rats!"


"Hello. I’m Mrs. Franks. My pet dumbo rat started losing its fur and sort of just wobbled when he crawled due to his being overweight. I admit that I am to blame, since I have been feeding him too much and too often. Anyway, I followed through with your advice on dumbo rat care and feeding. I cut back on Freddie’s food, especially fatty foods and pet treats, and installed an exercise wheel thing in his cage. Now he’s looking quite normal and his beautiful fur is growing back. You were right. That ugly fur loss was because of too much fat in his diet. Thank you."

-Mrs. Franks

"Hey there! I bought this male hairless dumbo rat a few months back. He was fine in the beginning and I thought I was doing a great job at taking care of him. Until he started developing these ugly skin lesions. Good thing he’s hairless so I spotted them right away. I also noticed that he started to urinate more often than usual. I cut back on feeding him his favorites—fish and eggs—and he seems to be getting better now. The itch is almost gone and his urination is back to normal. I would’ve killed my rat had I not known that excessive protein in adult male rats can ultimately lead to kidney failure and nephritis. Thanks a lot!"


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