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Are Rats Good Pets - Rats make wonderful pets! Contrary to what many people think, rats are actually quite clean, friendly, loving animals. They are known to groom themselves in the same way as cats. Additionally, when properly tended to, rats as pet companions often bond to their owners in much the same way as a dog.

How Much Are Pet Rats - Pet rats cost between $2 and $20, although if you buy one of the many fancy rat breeds that are less common, such as a hairless fancy rat, you may find yourself paying slightly more simply because of the scarcity. More important than the asking how much is a pet rat is asking whether or not you are ready for the comitment of caring for one!


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Pet Rat Life Span - The normal lifespan of pet rats is 2-3 years, although some owners report to have extended their pet rat’s life to 4 years. Fancy rat lifespan can and common rat lifespan can vary due to the inherant variety of rat breeding combinations available. Each of the domesticated rat varieties will have a slightly different life expectancy.

Types of Rats - While there are many breeds of pet rats, some of the most common rat breeds are listed below:

  • Common Rat - a standard domesticated rat
  • Dumbo Rat - big round ears (my favorite!)
  • Rex Rat - curly whiskers and fur
  • Tailless Rat - also known as a manx rat
  • Dwarf Rat - smaller than average rats
  • Hairless Rat - completely bald with pink or dark skin
  • Satin Rat - shinier coat than normal rats
  • Fancy Rat - general category for many uncommon rats, sometimes known as Jumbo Rats as well.
  • many many more!!


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