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So you’ve just gotten that adorable little rodent you’ve been staring at inside the pet store and now he has a nice and cozy home where he can sleep and play. Suddenly, you wonder what do pet rats eat?  Well, here are some general guidelines regarding what to feed your pet rat in order to keep him healthy, lively and strong.

Pet dumbo rats have nutritional demands that are very different from dogs or cats. A pet rat diet is more similar to humans in that they are omnivores. Rats eat both plants for nutrients and vitamins, and animals for protein.

What Should I Feed My Pet Rat?

  • In the wild, they eat a variety of things from nuts, grains, and seeds to small insects, eggs and just about anything that has digestible nutrients.

  • Generic commercial rodent mixes found in most pet stores are unfitting and are generally not recommended because they contain hard to digest alfalfa seeds, peanuts and other nuts that contain too much fat and protein to be a staple pet rat food and most often they simply aren't liked by rats.

  • Still considered as the best food for domesticated rats are those fresh wholesome, unprocessed foods like wholegrain rice, vegetables, grains such as wheat, barley, oats, millet, whole meal bread, and some animal protein like egg.


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Things NOT To Feed Your Pet Rat

  • Importantly, a rat owner must always be aware of which foods should be avoided because they can cause harm to your pet rat. Orange for example should not be given to a male rat because it can cause kidney damage due to a protein that is only present in male rats’ kidneys. Females though can have oranges.

  • Also, rats do not burp. Therefore, never give them carbonated drinks as a build-up of gasses in the stomach can be fatal.

  • Lastly, always be sure to wash fresh fruits and vegetables before giving them to your pet to ensure you are not feeding them any agricultural chemicals or toxins.

Generally, food for a healthy pet rat are those are fresh and wholesome and an adult can be fed some whole-grains, some protein, and some vegetables every day, or you can give him a rodent mix as a supplementary snack food or as his/her daily treat.

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