Dumbo Rat FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on how to care for pet dumbo rats...


Question: Can rats live alone?

Answer: Yes, they will be able to do just fine on their own. However, rats are very social in nature, and it is highly recommended to keep them in groups or at least two.


Question: Is it really worth the expense of taking my pet rat to a vet?

Answer: Yes. As an owner, it is your responsibility to oversee the well-being of your pet, especially if it is suffering from an injury or sickness. It will not cost you a fortune.


Question: How can I determine the gender of my pet rat?

Answer: The testicles of the male rats are quite large so it is easy to determine if it’s a male or a female. However, if the rat is under 3 weeks old, it can be a little difficult to determine.


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Question: Why do I feel my rat’s ears vibrating? What could it mean?

Answer: Your pet is in season.


Question: I constantly see my rat rubbing himself along the side of his cage and ground. What is wrong with him?

Answer: Your pet is scent marking, or marking his territory. Like cats, rats also rub their sides along things to simply spread their scent around.


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