Dumbo Rat Facts

Dumbo Rat Mutation Characteristics

Here are some of the known characteristics associated with dumbo rats:

  • Ear shape – there are actually a wide variety of ear sizes and shapes produced by the dumbo mutation. Among the most desirable ones are those with large, rounded and low-set dumbo rat ears. However, the mutation may also produce some anomalies such as tubular, creased, pointed, folded and even curled ears. 

  • Skull shape – the upper part of the skull of the dumbo rat is broad and flat. Others may also be concave, while some may display a more prominent occiput, or the back of the skull that often gives a rat that hunchback appearance. 

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  • Jaw shape – there are variety of dumbos that have a smaller lower jaw.

  • Eye shape – dumbos may also have differences in the position and shape of the eyes. 

  • Body shape – the bodies of dumbos are often rather stocky. 

  • Ear movement - some owners of dumbo rats that have reported the ears of their female rats do not vibrate when in heat. 

  • Temperament – dumbo rats are widely known to be more docile and possess a calmer temperament than most other domesticated rats.

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