Dumbo Rat Breeding

Breeding dumbo rats requires careful attention and knowledge. Read below for six important tips to remember when looking to breed pet rats:

Tip #1

Maintain a steady, nutritious diet to avoid any possible issues during birth. When a rat breeds, she needs a constant supply of food and nutrients for both her and her unborn litter.

Tip #2

In the final few days of your rat's pregnancy, you may notice that she becomes a bit manic. This is normal and it is wise to give her peace and quiet. Placing the pregnant female rat in her own cage for the last couple days of the pregnancy is typically advised.

Tip #3

While your pet dumbo rat is pregnant, leave her alone! Handling a pregnant rat creates unnecessary stress.


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Tip #4

Your pet dumbo rat's birth process should be fairly easy and fast. With that said, you should still monitor the process to make sure everything is going smoothly. If you see her encountering difficulties or experiencing excessive bleeding, you should contact a veterinarian as quickly as possible.

Tip #5

If your pregnant doe rat dies during birth or is unwilling to feed her new litter, you will need to find another nursing mother rat to feed the litter. This is the best chance for a natural and healthy introduction to a new world for baby rats.

Tip #6

It never hurts to call up an experienced dumbo rat breeder and pick their brain for some rat information and tips on what to do in the event of a difficult pet rat pregnancy!


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