Buying Dumbo Rats

Making the decision to purchase a dumbo rat is one that should be taken seriously. Your new friend is about to become a member of the family and you need to make sure he or she is going to fit in! And remember, just because they're a small pet doesn't mean that they are a small responsibility.

Make sure your home is rat friendly!

Sure, you and I think they're really cute and lots of fun, but some people will have apprehensions about bringing a rat into the home.

Do you have other pets?

If so, think about how your new pet dumbo rat will fit into the gang.

Arm yourself with knowledge!

Be sure to read up on all the rat care basics including what to feed them, how to set up their cage, how to clean your pet rat, etc. All of that information and more is available on and in our recommended reading.


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Make sure your rat is healthy before you buy him!

Be on the look-out for warning signs of health problems before choosing a dumbo rat to bring home with you. Never buy a rat with swelling in the face or neck, watery eyes, labored breathing, or any sort of discharge. All of those things sound pretty bad. They are. It means the rat is sick and choosing him to be your new pet will probably result in either heartache, vet bills, or even the risk of spreading illness to any other pet rats you might own.

Plan your budget.

Pet dumbo rats are by no means expensive, but they will require upkeep and that means shelling out some cash for new food and toys!

Bond with your new pet rat.

Your rat is bound to be a bit nervous when you first bring him home. Don't be surprised if he shies away from you even. It's ok. Just make sure to spend plenty of quality time with him...and a couple of tasty rat treats won't hurt either!

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